I have been a Licensed Acupuncturist since 2002. Prior to venturing into acupuncture, I became Registered Nurse in 1982 trained at Holyoke Community College.   In 1993 at the University of Massachusetts i obtained my  undergraduate nursing degree, Bachelors of Science in Nursing.  My nursing specialty was CCU/ ICU- critical care nursing.   As a nurse, I became deeply concerned about the lack of real preventative medicine and the degree of illness in my patients year after year.  This inspired me to seek out new ways of healing people.

Acupuncture was designed as a true preventative medicine.  Traditionally, master Acupuncturists would take payment only if they kept their patients healthy.  If a patient became ill, the practitioner would provide treatment without payment because he had not done his job.  In western culture, we do not practice health in the same way.  Most seek help when they already sick, making it difficult to see the underlying causes of illness. Healing begins as we heal the body, mind and the spirit  Real preventative medicine provides for healthy aging!

In my practice, I’ve had success in treating many ailments and people of all ages including the following: sports injuries, acute and chronic conditions, headaches, insomnia, depression, panic attacks, anxiety, ankle, back and foot pain, general wellness, palpitations, allergies, menopausal symptoms, and immune system improvement over time and so much more.  People who receive acupuncture regularly can be rid of the flu and common illnesses that plague them year after year.

Acupuncture treatment is a relationship between patient and practitioner, where acupuncture acts to restore the balance of the mind, body and spirit to reintegrate healthy energy flow.