WoodThe energy of spring tells us a lot about the energy of wood. The unique property wood energy refers to in all living things is birth, creation, its movement upward and rising as well as downward and inward.  It’s important to understand and to know how to feel this energy within us to better understand this element when in balance and out of balance.

The Chinese very often used the metaphor of the tree and plants to describe the energy of the Wood Element: The Trunk carries the water up to the leaves. This motion is always rising to create life of the tree.  The trunk is made of many layers and the inner layers feed the tree. The outer layer of bark is dead but provides protection from the environment. The trunk is the energy source and its strength and structure that creates life.  It is full of activity that has purpose and creates birth and growth that goes beyond its boundaries.  The sap is carried up through specific rings of the tree.

barkWhat happens when one layer doesn’t get fed or the bark becomes injured or branches are deliberately cut from the tree? What if the tree suddenly has no water source or sap flowing through  its rings?  What if there is no sun to feed the tree What if there is a fire and burnt?  Our body, mind or the spirit can be affected if we don’t have any food water or sunshine, we could not rise to the occasion of life.

treesThe green leaves and are responsible for photosynthesis:  This is the process of feeding nearly all life on earth by converting the suns energy into their own life process of which the plants on earth convert carbon dioxide to Oxygen.  This is the essential air we need to survive.  One tree produces enough oxygen to keep 2-4 people alive.  Creating life!

Branches are the connected to the trunk by tree tissue. Branches produce leaves to feed themselves and the branch itself.  If the branch run out of room or leaves they become brittle and will eventually break off. Healthy branches are moveable and flexible in all kinds of weather. But the aged branches become brittle and weak.  Just as ourtendons and ligaments are the connection between bones and muscle- the things that make us move.  They receive little blood supply and if they are not nurtured and cared for they will tear and become damaged. Our tendons are characteristic of strength, durability and resistance.  Our minds also need flexibility and movement to be able to adapt to the changes in the environment on any given moment. What happens when we break or things don’t go our way, we may get angry, shout or we may get frustrated.  This shows us the wood element in process.

pine coneThis was a journal note from a morning walk I did recently this spring:
I woke today to the sun streaming in the windows.  I can see the sun rising over the Wasatch Mountains in the eastern slope.  Snow barely capped the peaks and the clouds moved gently through the air illuminated by the rising sun.  The apricot tree is fully blossomed with light pink fragrant flowers; the petals are blowing in the wind. Small tree branches lie on the ground after the windstorm last night. New branches are starting to shoot from the trees.  The grass has become so green and the small seedlings of the scrub oak trees are popping out of the soil. Birds are chirping loudly while others are busy picking up small branches and dog hair making a nest in the birdhouse.  So much life to see, all this life bustling around and planning for the seasons to come.

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