Long winters nap

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Now that Christmas has past it’s time for our long winter naps.  Naps are not honored as they are in other parts of the world.  Winter brings cooler air in the northeast.  The animals scurry about to keep warm, gather food, bringing it back to their shelter to eat and rest.
Following the ways of nature, we to need to keep warm with exercise, warming food & drinks and a lot of rest!
*Exercise moderately to keep our bodies warm and flexible with exercises such as qigong or yoga.
*Warming foods like soups, roasted root vegetables, and stews.
*Drinks like ginger or chai tea.  Warm clean clear water.
Winter is a time to reflect on your life past, present and future. Think about who you really have become and where you want to envision and embody the next steps in your life.
Now relax and let go for it’s time to settle in for that long winters nap…