Qigong: Slow or quick

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Qigong can be done slow or quick:

 What is the purpose?

The slow flowing movement helps to increase vitality, increase energy, improve focus and attention, refining your Qi (your life force energy), and increase longevity. 

Qigong has the intention to move Qi.   Each movement has a certain purpose to increase the circulation of energy in your body and the direction of flow.    

More Attention and Focus

Who wouldn’t want more focus and feel more present in the moment.   With more attention and focus one can focus on healing, feeling more alive and move with ease. With each movement there is a sense of oneness and centeredness.  Balance of life and of the physical body develops with Qigong.

Yin and Yang Movement

Learning to move slow improves your health, internal organs, presence and alertness.  There are studies that found Qigong can reduce depression, chronic fatigue and improve the immune system. Movement that is considered Yin movement would be a flowing, slow, inward movement that would increase your internal focus.  There are faster movements that would be considered more yang and more of a martial art for fighting.   This movements are quick, long and forceful.  Qigong is like a series of movement rather than the dance or the abrupt rapid pushing action.

Slow and flow:

 Longevity, protection and vitality

                                                          Qigong style!

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