Five Element Acupuncture, New Hampshire

What are the FIVE ELEMENTS?

“Every living thing and person on the planet is a unique embodiment and combination of the Five Elements.” JR Worsley

The Five Elements express and embody the aspects of constant change and transformation of the vital force (Qi Energy) that shapes everything on this earth. This movement creates patterns of energy that creates and sustains all living things.

Each Element expresses a unique aspect of the transformative movement of Qi energy within the mind, body and spirit. The elements provide us with an understanding of our whole energy system and an insight on the process of harmony and balance. The elements give us insight which allows us to promote this balance through the use of this unique style of Classical Five Element Acupuncture.

Each Element has a unique characteristic that resembles the seasons in nature and the cycles of natures changes and transformations. These seasons never end as energy(QI) is without end.  Life balance is about continual change and transformation. We are part of nature and the more we learn about nature’s transformations the more  we tune into the transformations occurring inside us physically, mentally and spiritually.  we can identify our healthy patterns and when we are in and out of balance.

Acupuncture promotes quality health to prevent disease.

Serving New Hampshire area:
Cheshire County, Keene NH, Swanzey, Marlborough, Sullivan, Surry, Walpole, Chesterfield, Westmoreland, Gilsum, Winchester, Hancock, Harrisville, Roxbury, Peterborough, Dublin, Concord, Granite Lake, Hillsborough, Richmond, Hindsdale, Jaffrey, Troy, Rindge, New Ipswich, Stoddard, Bennington, Antrim, Alstead, Spofford, Fitzwilliam, Weare, Greenfield, Washington, South Acworth, Claremont, Goshen, Charleston

Serving Vermont towns:
Brattleboro, Drummerston, Guilford, Putney,Rockingham, Townsend, Bellows Falls, Grafton, Chester, Springfield

Serving Massachusetts towns:
Bernardston, Northfield, Warwick, Winchendon, Ashburnham, South Royalston, Ashby, Townsend

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