Microcosmic Orbit

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The microscopic orbit is a well known energetic practice in qigong.  It involves the Du channel and the Ren Mai channel. In five element acupuncture we call the Ren Channel the Conception vessel and the Du Channel or  the Governing Channel. This is an ancient practice found in the Book of Changes(100BC) called the IChing.   This is an old meditative practice.

These 2 channels link to gather and create a powerful pathway. The path of energy starts at the sacrum, up the spine over the head then down the center of the body to the perineum.  This pathway is an unending loop of energy.  This pathway is accessed via movement, breath, intention or with acupuncture.

Some people sit and other stand to do this practice.  Once you begin the energy will just flow with ease. As the energy rises breath in and as the energy descends exhale.  Use you mind to fell the energy rise up the spine and over the head and return to the abdomen.


Take time each day to sit in meditation with this practice.  This practice will relax the  mind and one will develop more concentration.  The mind will have more focus and the energy in the body will expand.

Be well. Pamela

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