Acupuncture and Lyme Disease

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Acupuncture and Lyme Disease:
Using Acupuncture while working with people diagnosed with Lyme disease is a challenge and can bring great hope. With Acupuncture treatment as part of the healing protocol, people start to regain their energy and feel “normal”. They feel excited to go out with friends and exercise again like they used to.  The healing progress shows up as treatment progresses and the spirochetes start to decline in the body. There is certainty and uncertainty in treatment.

Weekly session is the best for rejuvenating energy.  The loss of energy each person feels varies. Continuous changes we all go through validates the need for acupuncture alone but when ones energy is being drained by this disease it seems imperative to have treatment as often as possible.

Diagnosis is not as easy as getting a test.  It can often be negative, according to the CDC, testing needs to be done correctly and with validating methods.  If left untreated it can cause heart, joint and nervous system problems.  It is not the tick but the infection the tick carries that is the causative factor.

Whatever is causing these ticks to become so ill is w weakness in their systems.  We as humans need to take every approach to stay as strong as we can so our immune systems are not easily attacked by these types of predators.  Acupuncture originally designed as a true preventative medicine to prevent us from getting ill and not we are using it to build the system after the body had ailed.  We are all working harder to keep our health up and we must be diligent to continue the process.