Expectations of the Fall

Fall is the time of inwardness, time to store up on food, fuel and warm clothing.  A time to plan for the winter stillness that approaches us.
Leaves on the trees fall to the ground, sap goes to the roots,  grasses turn lighter and loose their rich green color.  Plants and tree branches are brittle and drier.  The water is going deeper into the ground and within us.  A time of storage.  The air is drier and colder contracting everything in nature and moving it downward.
Foods  to reflect the qualities of the fall are the last seasons of greens, apples and tomatoes.  Nuts that are falling from the trees can be stored.  A time to plant for the spring ahead.
Now is not a time to sit still, mow is a time to be prepared and to store for the months that will lay snow upon us.