WKBK Interview with Pamela Bys

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On a recent episode of What’s Happening with Kathy O’Donnell on WKBK, Pamela Bys spoke with the host about a number of acupuncture questions, including some from WKBK listeners. Take a listen below:

Qigong: Slow or quick

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Qigong can be done slow or quick:  What is the purpose? The slow flowing movement helps to increase vitality, increase energy, improve focus and attention, refining your Qi (your life force energy), and increase longevity.  Qigong has the intention to … Continued

Microcosmic Orbit

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The microscopic orbit is a well known energetic practice in qigong.  It involves the Du channel and the Ren Mai channel. In five element acupuncture we call the Ren Channel the Conception vessel and the Du Channel or  the Governing … Continued

What is Qigong?

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Reduce Stress and Improve Health What is Qigong? Qigong is a practice that increases vitality and longevity, reduces stress and improves ones health.  It is a therapeutic exercise that incorporates movement, meditation and breathing. The National Qigong Association states, “Qigong opens … Continued

The Lotus #Qigong Day 29

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There is beautiful lotus qigong flow to replicate the cycles of the lotus flower.  It encompasses all the elements in nature and is known for it symbolism, beauty and elegance.  This flower has a daily cycle of the universe to merge … Continued

Qigong for health

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Qigong for health is a practice to relax the nervous system.  It is a practice that integrates the Five Elements with flowing movements that build our energy and influence our body, emotions and mental energy.    It is an ancient … Continued

Chinese New Year 2021

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  HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR This is the Year of the Golden OX February 12, 2021 is the start of the Chinese Year.  It lasts 16 days and ends with the lantern festival.   The Chinese calendar is based on … Continued

Local Matters

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I would like to thank Avery Reekstin at the Keene Sentinel where LOCAL (NEWS) MATTERS!   Thank you for the for wonderful write up on Acupuncture in the ELF August 13, 2020 Page 6,7…see for yourself…. https://www.sentinelsource.com/elf/tapping-into-the-inner-qi/article_25f94fca-dcc1-11ea-9ee6-b322319ad85c.html Tapping into the Inner … Continued