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Our earth is the only planet we live on.  We are the guardians of our planet.  There are many people who want to control the land we live on.  The earth provides us our life. The land, animals, insects, plants, air, and water are the essential elements on this planet that don’t live to try to be noticed.  They live in harmony with each other.  We depend on the land for our survival to eat at so many levels.

Our earth needs care to produce healthy people and all living things.  We spend more money on medicines and poison than the earth around us to maintain the integrity and safety toward and organic world. Poisons in the land poison us. We cannot ignore our mother earth any longer.

Think of the earth like a body that is all connected.  We have a heart that pumps the blood like the rivers and oceans hold the water.  We have a liver and spleen to cleanse the blood like swamps bogs, and marshes in exchange for a healthy internal system.  Lungs bring healthy air or spirit into our body and exchange for photosynthesis.   We rely on the earth in exchange for our life.

Earth is the feminine and the mother.  Mothers take care of the children of the earth.  She fed us as infants and then we learn to use the land to produce food to care for ourselves. We grow up and respect the land, our mother the feminine. We grow up to care for ourselves.  We are her guardian and it’s our turn now to take care of her, our earth, our land, our life!