Season of Autumn: Metal Element

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As I sit in my Acupuncture office on Park Avenue in Keene NH,  the sky is gray and the colors of the trees are vivid browns, greens, reds and yellows.  I see a beautiful apple tree from the window and the damp air permeating the earth.  What a beautiful season!

 The apples hang heavy on the apple tree almost like a woman ready to deliver. The grass below such a bright green in contrast to the reds on the apples.  Birds fly and squirrels chattering and running about.  The Canadian geese are flying in pattern.

People walk about with their heads lowered to the earth and carry an umbrella or a jacket.  Wearing longer sleeves and pants and shoes. (Putting away the shorts and sandals of the summer). Getting ready for the potential of coolness and changes in weather.

   All the yang affects the yin.  Defensive Qi must be strong.

What is this you say? Well, It is a time we need to build and protect our immune system. This a special time for certain things to happen to stay healthy with the seasons:

 There is an order in time for everything. A time to eat healthy and sleep well.  A time to dress according to the season.  A time of fullness.  A time to harvest what has been planted.   A time to let go of what is not working and enjoy the greatness of what we have now.

Now is the time to work on the positive qualities of our lives and our health!