Office Open


As I sit in my office today thinking of all the things I need to do to open the office during COVID-19 and think what does it mean to be open?  Initially I meant having my office open but it means so much more than that.  This webinar was made for all acupuncturist to open their offices safely: Re-opening guidelines: Are you prepared?  I hope you enjoy it!

 Stay at Home Orders 2.0 for Acupuncturists.  Guidelines for Acupuncturists of NH.  How to clean my office, how to keep people safe, keep me and my family safe, and more. These are  the guidelines to open my office safely during this pandemic which we are following carefully to keep you safe

We will continue to watch the trends of COVID-19 to keep each other healthy.


In this process of learning how to be open, we are all hoping for the deeper connection with each other to develop a higher level of consciousness.  Take care of yourself,  follow your natural rhythms slowly.  We hope you continue to to realize the gifts we have been given during these stressful times and think about the possibilities of the future.

Stay present

Be present and you will see the gifts it brings.

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