Yesterday I was walking in one of favorite woods alone early in the morning.  I felt vulnerable and alone, and quite raw with the cold.  After an exhilarating climb and view of the distant lands of NH and Vermont we ascended back toward home.  My trusted furry friend, Olive and rambled down the rooted oak leafed trail.  Watching not to stumble and slip was an ongoing effort.

Suddenly Olive started barking off the trail at a tree.  I thought, oh- another squirrel ran up a tree as she was circling the tree and barking at the ground. I looked up from my tracker gaze to see what she was barking at. A little white plop of feathers on the ground?

Curious, I had to explore and get a closer look.  To my surprise it was a great horned owl chick. Without the mother bird swooping at us, I was able to snap some photos and get Olive away from it.

The symbolic spirit of the Owl

The symbolic spirit of the Owl is about being able to see what others do not. It announces the presence of change and the capacity to see beyond depict. Its is the ability to cut through illusions and see the true meanings. Owl is the symbol for wisdom and life transition and change according to Elena Harris who writes for Spirit Animal.

Owls are either nocturnal or diurnal birds. Owls have three basic needs: food, somewhere safe to roost, and a place to nest, according to the Owl Research Institute.  A baby bird on the ground gives forth complete exposure during the day leads to complete vulnerability and openness.  Symbolically appropriate for the moment we are all living in during the pandemic. We all are being tuned into the cycle of life we  as we are completely unaware of what to do, how to act, where it is safe to be.  We all feel vulnerable.  Our life feels like we have lost our nurturing source, our mother.

The earth element in Five Element Acupuncture is the transitioning and nourishing of ourselves. The security of a good harvest can sustain and feed the body, mind and spirit by keeping all the officials in contact with the earth. We rely whole on the earth for our survival.

Our survival relies on food, water warmth and rest for our safety and security. Nourishment is a basic physiological human need the hierarchy of needs according to Abraham Maslow.  We need this or it leads to vulnerability and lack of safety.

During this pandemic, people are faced with loosing their safety and security in many ways.  Loss of jobs, loss of health, financial security, and lack of resources we have had are leading to feelings of vulnerability as human being.

I will quote Pema Chodron: “What we call obstacles are really the way the world and our entire experience team us when we are stuck”. Look for the true meanings and not the illusion. Keep moving forward!  Keep living even when it scares you.