Transitioning and Transforming


   Today I laid in the grass looking at the sky.         Watching clouds wisp by slowly, changing shape then transitioning and transforming into something new and then drifting off.  The sky  clear blue for a while,  then an emptiness, a stillness and a calm.  Another sailing cloud  would shift into view, shape shifter, feathery or small tufts against the mass of colorful clouds.  So many variations in the clouds and then the emptiness again into a deep  mass of endless blue.   

   The air was cool on the surface of my body and face.  I could feel the warmth and dampness of the ground on my back.  As the sun warmed my face and the front of my body immensely. After about 15 minutes, the damp earth started to feel cooler than than before.

The grasses are starting to turn greener.  Each individual blade starting to turn greener stand up toward the sunlight.  As I looked at the clouds with soft eyes I noticed the variation of colors within and round them.  The sun illuminated the colors like rainbows, lavenders, greens, shades of white.  These colors would progress into other variations as they slow drifted through the sky moving north and dissolving into the blue empty sky.

As we look deep into our lives and these elements of nature, we are always in the state of transition. This movement is Qi, energy that is an influences provoke a reaction. That is the tao, constant change of the spirit, mind and the body.   We are in constant change and transformation and that creates and sustains life.  We are not here to be stagnant or still. 

Five Elements

The five elements are an understanding of this dynamic process of change.  These elements are the fire, earth, metal, water, and wood.  Each element has a unique movement and quality as the seasons. Like the seasons, these elements are always in transition.  This is a constant interdependent system creating a whole.   

Begin to feel these transformations and transitions in ourselves when we are still as the deep blue sky.  Sense the movement  like clouds move as we start to develop the  wisdom of using our senses to look at nature and the world within.   Recognize these imbalances in your health to identify the natural process of the elements.  

Give it a go…Walk or sit still in nature, just notice without judgement.  Write it down daily for a week.  Send me your response.
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