The Lotus #Qigong Day 29

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There is beautiful lotus qigong flow to replicate the cycles of the lotus flower.  It encompasses all the elements in nature and is known for it symbolism, beauty and elegance.  This flower has a daily cycle of the universe to merge from the darkness like the sun and go back into the depths of the water at night.  It’s like our wakes and sleep cycle.   It has a daily practice of the gracefulness of life and death.


The life cycle of the lotus is unlike any other plant. Its roots emerge from the mud and submerges every night into the water to re-bloom the next morning, sparklingly clean. It is magnificent and miraculous.

In many cultures, the flowers energy is associated with rebirth and spiritual enlightenment.

QIgong flows allow us to transition through life many cycles.  In our bodies we breath in life and exhale death.  We make new cells everyday and get rid of the things that we no longer need.

Five colors represent the five elements, just like the lotus that has many different colors.  Each color represent different kinds of energy.  We may learn for all things around us as we slow down, breathe in, exhale slowly and open our eyes and really take time to look listen and feel.