Local Matters

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I would like to thank Avery Reekstin at the Keene Sentinel where LOCAL (NEWS) MATTERS!   Thank you for the for wonderful write up on Acupuncture in the ELF August 13, 2020 Page 6,7…see for yourself…. https://www.sentinelsource.com/elf/tapping-into-the-inner-qi/article_25f94fca-dcc1-11ea-9ee6-b322319ad85c.html Tapping into the Inner … Continued


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Everyday we wake up and start a new day.  It’s the present.  A gift of now, to learn, to see, to listen, to feel, to be aware of the relationship to ourself, others and the world we live in.  We … Continued

Shoulder pain relief with acupuncture

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Many studies have been done showing the relief of shoulder pain in periarthritis patients. Great success has been noted in many case studies around the globe. Different points and needling techniques have proven to be successful in remedy of shoulder … Continued

WINTER and Health

The forces of winter create cold in Heaven and water on Earth. They create the kidney organ and the bones within the body…the emotion fear, and the ability to make a groaning sound. –The Inner Classic I walked through the … Continued